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HKS MAX 4 SP 2012+ Nissan 370Z (Z34) Full Kit - GUMOTORSPORT

HKS MAX 4 SP 2012+ Nissan 370Z (Z34) Full Kit

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As the Nissan 370Z (Fairlady Z Z34) heads into 10 years of production, many of the first models sold are being used more and more as dedicated race cars. Up to this point the Z34 has been seen to many as a weekend racecar that still needed to have street capabilities, but that's quickly changing.

In order to meet the growing race demand for the 370Z, HKS has released the SP-Series coilovers. These coilovers feature more aggressive track-mined dampening and spring rates. Even though the rear spring and damper still uses the OEM separate format, HKS redesigned the mounts for 65mm ID metric springs, allowing the track enthusiast to play around with spring rates if need be!

The HKS Hipermax IV SP coilovers are meant as coilovers designed for track and spirited street driving, if you are looking for something more comfortable on a daily basis you should consider the GT instead.


Nissan 370Z [Z34] (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)


Designed specifically for track minded 370Z drivers

Monotube Piston Design with 30-step Dampening Adjustment

PNE coilover coating and dust boots for corrosion resistance

Coilovers soften when you hit a bump on the road but firm when pushing them on the track thanks to a newly designed piston needle

Aluminum used where possible to reduce un-sprung weight

Front pillow-ball top mounts help improve driver response/feedback

SP valving for track/sports driving

HKS Pre-set Drop set to corner balance the vehicle

Made in Japan


Type: Coilover Set

Damper Design: Monotube

Piston Orientation: Standard

Top Mounts (Front/Rear): Pillow-ball / Rubber

Spring Rates (Front/Rear): 14 / 16 [kgf/mm]

HKS Pre-Set Drop (Front/Rear): -14 / -18 [mm]

Drop Range (Front/Rear): 0-34 / 0-51 [mm drop over OEM]

Damping Force (Front): 2785 (Rebound) & 569 (Compression) [N]

Damping Force (Rear): 726 (Rebound) & 333 (Compression) [N]

Spring Length (Front/Rear): 200 / 170 [mm]

Helper Spring Rates (Front/Rear): 2 / 2 [kgf/mm]

Spring Inner Diameter: 65 [mm for front and rear]

Notes: Rear separate spring and shock format

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