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APR Carbon Fiber Wind Splitter w/Rods  Mustang 2015+ - GUMOTORSPORT
APR Carbon Fiber Wind Splitter w/Rods  Mustang 2015+ - GUMOTORSPORT

APR Carbon Fiber Wind Splitter w/Rods Mustang 2015+

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Looking to make your 2015-2017 Ford Mustang different from the rest? Check out this new carbon fiber front splitter from APR Performance. APR is a leader in the aftermarket carbon fiber market and they build some of the finest parts on the market. To combat the effects of front end lift, APR Front Splitters are utilized to give extra traction and control in the front of a car. By creating a high-pressure area on top of the splitter, high-pressure air flow is restricted to flow underneath a car. With low pressure below the car, the effect of lift is reduced and a driver can gain from the extra traction and control.

Even if you don't race your 2015, 2016, 2017 Ford Mustang, the APR Performance carbon fiber front wind splitter might be in order. Every APR front splitter is manufactured from solid carbon fiber for rigidity and strength under high speeds. The carbon fiber comes with a clear coat finish, resulting in a high luster shine. This finish will match the glossy shine of your Mustangs exterior painted panels.

Sure this front splitter looks amazing on the Mustang, but it's actually built with racing in mind. This splitter comes stainless steel support rods to actually keep the splitter in the front bumper from warping or twisting under high rates of speed due to the increased downforce.


  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
    All APR Front Wind Splitters are reinforced with sheets of carbon fiber.
  • Fully Functional Undertray
    Our Front Wind Splitters are not just add on cosmetic pieces. Every APR Front Wind Splitter completely covers the entire area below a cars front bumper. This allows for smoother air flow below the front bumper, creating more efficient downforce.
  • Support rods Included
    Supporting every APR Front Wind Splitters are stainless steel support rods.

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