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HKS 09+ 370z Racing Suction Reloaded Intakes
HKS 09+ 370z Racing Suction Reloaded Intakes

HKS 09+ 370z Racing Suction Reloaded Intakes

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KS Dual Intake Racing Suction Reloaded  70020-BN012 high-flow performance air intake kit for a 2009+ Nissan 370Z.

-Smooth revolution at high rpm and torque at middle rpm will be increased.
-Intake sound will be sporty and exciting.
-It does not affect to air flow meter outp

Manufacturer Description:
HKS introduces the newly re-designed Racing Suction Reloaded intake systems. These intake systems feature HKS’ new Reloaded air filter assembly which maintains HKS’ race proven and patented Super Funnel design, but also incorporates new technical advances for improved performance and filtration.
HKS Racing Suction Reloaded intake systems have been granted CARB E.O. # D-186-30 for certain applications.

The Racing Suction Reloaded intake series utilizes HKS’ high-flowing wet 2-layer dual density polyurethane filter element for applications looking for the absolute in performance. The Racing Suction Reloaded intake kits offer the same simple and easy filter element replacement process as previous generations; avoiding the need to wash or re-oil the intake filter.

– New Super Honeycomb frame allows for 30% more intake surface area for improved throttle response.

– Filter assembly features a new streamline inner frame that reduces weight and allows for air to flow more smoothly into the engine.

– Plastic sealing ring at the base of the new Super Honeycomb frame helps prevent harmful containments from entering the engine and acts as a support piece for the frame.

– Aluminum back plate has been added for strength
*this application features a black aluminum back plate

Super Stealth Frame
It fits to aluminum back plate softly and fixes Super Stealth Frame firmly. It will also be a guide for filter to surface of the hemisphere that make easy for replacement work of the filter.

Wet 2 Layer Filter
* Dry type replacement filter can be used.

Wet 2 Layer Type Super Filter has been used and proofed long time. It reduces intake resistance and special high viscosity glue has high dust collection performance.
Super Inner Frame
Shape of inner frame is streamline. 16 frames are lightweight and they guide air flow smoothly.
Super Lip Funnel
Super Lip Funnel design was developed to maximize intake efficiency in limited space. High intake efficiency and compact design that enables various layout of intake system in engine compartment are highly balanced.


Applicable Models:
Nissan 370Z (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018+)

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