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Steeda Stage 1 Handling Package - Ultralite Linear 15-17 Mustang Ecoboost - GUMOTORSPORT

Steeda Stage 1 Handling Package - Ultralite Linear 15-17 Mustang Ecoboost

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You can greatly improve the handling and driver feedback of your vehicle with the Steeda Stage 1 Handling Package. This particular package includes 2 of the best suspension modifications you can perform on your vehicle. If you enjoy spirited driving, or if you want a better edge on the competition for your local auto-x or weekend track events then this package will suit your vehicle well. 

The package will include the Steeda Ultra Linear Springs. The Ultralite Linear Springs designed to improve the handling and the center of gravity in your vehicle. Springs are the foundation of the handling on your vehicle, and Steeda has invested their engineering, and expertise in high-performance street and racing suspension systems to develop a quality set of lowering springs using advanced proprietary CAD data, along with their exclusive 3D modeling practices. 

The Steeda Ultralite Linear Springs will optimize the center of gravity and improve suspension geometry to improve handling with a reduction in nose-dive under hard braking, launch squat, and body roll while maintaining excellent ride quality for regular driving conditions. These will lower the front of the vehicle by 1.125", and the rear will be lowered by 1". 

The springs will be paired with the Steeda Sway Bars. These sway bars have been machined with steel billet sway bar ends that have have been machined out of billet steel round stock in-house, using a multi-axis CNC lathes before going through multiple computer simulations to ensure the ultimate in strength and performance. This process provides the ultimate resistance to bending stresses which also makes them less prone to cracking and fatigue on the ends. The design reduces unwanted deflection in the sway bar end which will prevent unwanted geometry changes, and the sway bars will maintain their designed rate for long-lasting performance. 

The front sway bar will be 1-3/8" size, and the rear sway bar will be 1-1/8" in size. This is a great option for those of you who want to improve the center of gravity, along with the overall balance of the vehicle without sacrificing ride comfort. 

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