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Top 3 Mods for BRZ FRS 86

1. Wheels/Tire 

The FRS/BRZ cars come with telepathic steering and handling rivaling $60,000+ vehicles but are hampered by Prius tires from factory. They wanted us to slide but some of us want to grip.

We at Gumotorsport like to run 17x9 wheels for track and competition and 16x8 or 17x8 for street driving. While picking wheels, FRS BRZ owners will be looking for the lightest package they can find for performance gains. 

Toyo Proxes series recommended Tire from R888r to Proxes sport 
Enkei RPF1 have been a long staple in the wheel game for drivers seeking reliable performance wheels that are light and strong; best of all also affordable.

Toyo R888r

Toyo Proxes Sport 

Enkei RPF1 5x100

RPF1 Enkei

2. Headers/Tune 

Factory FRS/BRZ come with a torque dip right in the middle of the rev range. Whether is due to emissions or engine tuners working at Subaru/Toyota forgot to drink their coffee, it is fixable by the use of aftermarket headers.

For the best gains mid range go Unequal length, Top end gains go Equal Length.  Below are our favorites:

1. Tomei Unequal Length 

2. Skunk2 Equal Length

3. PLM Unequal Length

4. Invidia Equal Length 

Openflash tablet V2 - Open source tuning for those that want a bit more power in naturally aspirated form, can program pop tunes, launch control and pedal dance mode ,etc , this tablet is all you need as an introduction to power gains. 

We do e tunes for all year models here , please email for more info.


3. Catback/ Axle back Exhaust 

These cars come out of the factory very tame and since we previously listed headers, best way to pair them is with a catback/ axle back exhaust for best audio coming out of the back pipes. 

Our favorites: 

1. Perrin 2.5 Inch catback resonated 

2. HKS high power racing catback 

3. PLM Muffler Delete

4. Invidia R400 catback

5. MAPerfromance Catback


Happy Modding !

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