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cp-e Austenite Cat Back Exhaust w/ Titan Tips - Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015+ - GUMOTORSPORT

cp-e Austenite Cat Back Exhaust w/ Titan Tips - Ford Mustang EcoBoost 2015+

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OEM parts often times are designed for efficiency of manufacturing, cutting costs and driver comfort. Unfortunately performance is often not a priority – as seen on the very restrictive factory cat back setup on the 2.3L EcoBoost motor. The Ecostang exhaust from the factory totally hides the sound of the car. With the factory exhaust, you might as well be driving a vacuum cleaner. We have years of experience with EcoBoost exhaust systems and knew that we had to uncork the EBM exhaust.

cp-e has developed Ford Mustang EcoBoost Exhaust for the 2.3L Turbo.

Designed using the latest in CCM and CAD technology, the cat back is a masterpiece. With that, we’re proud to say that we’ve met our goal. This EcoBoost exhaust is characterized by an aggressive sound along with drone-free cruising.

Mustang EcoBoost Exhaust Features

  • Custom designed mufflers for superior sound quality
  • Titan™ finish for added durability
  • Modular design allows for use with OEM components
  • Developed for best balance of low end and top end power.
  • Precision designed for perfect fitment.
  • Manufactured in house in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty





This cat back exhaust will not only improve the breathing of your Mustang EcoBoost, but it will also give you that aggressive exhaust note you’ve been looking for! The cp-e™ Austenite™ cat back exhaust has a very controlled exhaust note that gives the driver no drone at cruising speeds. Even so, the exhaust has a pronounced and aggressive tone at wide open throttle. In summary, this is the ideal mix between raw tone and refinement.

Never overwhelming, the new cp-e™ sound will grab attention. Although, not from obnoxious noise, but because the sound is exotic and unique. These pipes keep the exhaust at a nice tone while also eliminating drone without adding back pressure. One thing to keep in mind while shopping for an exhaust is that tone is equally important to volume. The perfect volume can be ruined if the tone isn’t on point.

EcoBoost Mustang Exhaust – Getting the Most From Your Ecostang

For those who have replaced the factory downpipe, this 3″ cat back will remove the last bottleneck in the exhaust stream; increasing the engines breathing capacity and smoothing out the turbo spool. In addition to sounding good, you also want an exhaust that performs. With this in mind, we’ve developed an incredibly free-flowing system.

cp-e™ uses Titan™ finish 304 Stainless Steel for all of our exhaust systems. We mandrel bend and cut the 18g heavy duty stainless piping on our in-house CNC Bender and CNC Mills. The system features custom cast Stainless Flanges, reliable hangers, custom made Stainless Mufflers and polished stainless tips. Everything is TIG welded by hand to get beautiful color and durability in the welds. Designed fully in a CAD environment, cp-e™ is able to guarantee a factory-like fit every-time with great performance gains.

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