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VR Aero Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Front Lip McLaren 570S - GUMOTORSPORT
VR Aero Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Front Lip McLaren 570S - GUMOTORSPORT
VR Aero

VR Aero Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Front Lip McLaren 570S

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Model #VR-570S-600


Modifying a McLaren might be considered a cardinal sin to some, but many 570S owners want to enhance the aggression and performance styling. While offering stunning aesthetics, the 570S seems a little bland compared to other McLaren models in the looks department. Carbon fiber is strewn throughout the car, but to some, there isn't enough on the exterior.

Vivid Racing set out to provide additional carbon fiber components with the VR Aero 3-piece carbon fiber front lip. The gorgeous 2x2 (3K Twill Weave) not only captures the attention of on-lookers but adds to the performance aesthetic of the 570S. By matching the same manufacturing and weave methods as McLaren, each piece is pre-preg dry carbon fiber for ultimate durability and precision fitment. The dry carbon fiber also weighs next to nothing for those that are die-hard about weight savings.

Installing the front lip brings a new level of aggression and style to the 570S. No modification is necessary for installation as a result of the 3D scanning and CAD engineering. Only the highest quality carbon fiber is offered to flow well with the factory carbon.

The pre-preg construction and UV-resistant epoxy eliminate the chances of the front lip getting yellow and hazy over time. Commonly seen in cheaper carbon fiber, a yellow haze can form after being exposed to UV rays. Have no fear, as the VR Aero front lip eliminates this possibility and will look stunning year after year.


  • Products feature a gloss UV protective clearcoat
  • 2x2 3K twill weave construction to match performance aesthetic
  • Pre-preg dry carbon fiber contriving proves to be lightweight and durable
  • Precision fitment thanks to 3D scanning and CAD engineering
  • Easy and quick installation method
  • OEM+ style manufacturing provides precision fitment and finish
  • UV resistant resin and pre-preg forming prevent hazing
  • No modification necessary for installation

What is Dry Carbon Fiber?

Dry carbon fiber is formed by using a pre-preg or impregnated piece of carbon materials. This piece of carbon is first placed into a mold, and then into a sealed vacuum to properly cure. This particular method creates the least amount of waste and forms a lighter version of carbon than the "wet" method. The vacuuming process of making dry carbon means that there are fewer pinholes and almost no air pockets that form in the carbon. Dry carbon is the highest quality version of carbon fiber products that are produced. However, it is 3 to 4 times more expensive to produce than its counterpart.

Advantages of Dry Carbon Fiber:

  • 60% Lighter and Significantly stronger
  • Superior manufacturing process
  • Uses a dry finish for enhancing its cosmetic appearance

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